Friday, February 05, 2016

Trump Sings the "Green Acres" Theme

Colbert aired this clip the other night. Warning: you cannot unsee this.

RIP Bob Elliott (1923-2016)

Here's Ron Simon's--head of the Paley Center--post on Facebook:
I and the Paley Center will truly miss the wit and compassion of Bob Elliott, one of television and radio's supreme satirists. I was pleased to organize the first retrospective of that remarkable duo Bob and Ray, spending hours with the team at their home in the old Graybar Building. We are now preserving hundreds of hours of their priceless parodies of media personalities in our permanent collection. In 2008 we hosted an event with Bob and his son Chris, moderated by Keith Olbermann. Bob was one of the Best People in he World. Now he is reunited with pal Ray. RIP Bob.

Here's a couple of famous bits of Bob and Ray's.

In the End . . .

Monday, February 01, 2016

"Return of 'The X-Files'"

I was a major source for this article.

You can read the article online here.

With Dr. Angela Hague, Lavery co-edited the first scholarly book on The X-Files (Syracuse U P/Faber and Faber, 1996).