Thursday, March 29, 2007


--Captain John Sheridan, "A Race Through Dark Places," Babylon 5 (2.8)

In an earlier blog, I spoke of Veronica Mars' use of Battlestar Galactica's signature faux profanity "frack."

Now I discover that, in a second season episode of the extraordinary Babylon 5 (yes, I am just now getting around to watching it), the space station's commander uses the clearly related pseudo-swear "fragging."

What the fuck? Is Battlestar, too, referencing an ur-text?

Discuss . . .


Tyler Hall said...

Wasn't "Fragged" also the title of S02 E03?

In geek speak, "to frag" or "fragging" refers to the number of kills you make in a (usually online) multiplayer game. I think it's an old military term for killing off your own soldiers.

Katrina said...

The earlier BSG used "frack" to get away with cursing on the show and the modern BSG uses "frak" for the same purpose. Was it Farscape that used "frell"? Or am I mixing up shows/etc?