Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Parallel Development of Film and TV

The chart below, tracking the strikingly similar development of film and television (and the academic understanding of each medium) was developed for a talk I am giving soon. (Click on the chart to see a larger version.)

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Grimsstar said...

Very interesting Doctor Lavery
ve haf no developments here. This is Kaos.

Are you predicating that as film is at the moment static or that as it moved successfully through further decades then so shall Television? In what form? I have been interested in the presentation of channel 4's 'Dead Set' which screened on five consecutive nights - was edited together on the sixth for broadcast and then after three days of rest produced on DVD- interesting marketing perhaps aimed at conserving a market eroded by downloaders. Recently here in NZ we are getting summer series (rather than the usual winter season) directly after (within a couple of weeks) the US showing- and these are shows particularly attractive to downloaders-eg. Heroes, Terminator.

Perhaps the future of Television lies in a global rather than local release similar to the Bollywood model- but hat will that do to the local market and players.