Friday, December 05, 2008

Quote of the Day (12/6/08)

Soul is imagination. [Owen] Barfield has stated that imagination as a Western concept is "potentially extraordinary consciousness present with ordinary consciousness." I take it to mean that imagination is a mediatrix, a Middle Way, working, as with the Romantics, in the manner of the Aeolian lyre in which the wind, blowing through its strings, becomes spirit. However, the spirit, because of the omnipresence of imagination, does not cease to be wind. It is a Samsaric and imaginal kind of spirit, indissolubly married (for better, not worse) to the soul; not identical with the soul precisely because fully immanent in it; an immortal spirit precisely because it is mortal. Imagination is the premonition of a finite, a Western infinitude.
--Roberts Avens, Imagination is Reality

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