Saturday, March 07, 2009

"They're called breasts, and yes they are exceptional"

This line--Echo's in "Gray Hour," the latest awful installment of Dollhouse--and accompanying shots like this one

were never said in thirteen seasons worth of Buffy/Angel/Firefly episodes. The sexism, the objectification of women on Dollhouse is approaching Angel: After the Fall levels.

And the dialogue is leaden and silly most of the time (even in this Fain and Craft episode--they used to be very good on Angel). I keep trying and trying to like this show, but I have liked almost none of it so far.

If this continues Whedon is going to need to retract his equality now speech.

Noel Murray liked "Gray" more than I did.

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caitri said...

This may be wishful thinking on my part, but I think the Dollhouse is a metaphor for patriarchal society: Echo has to be sexy AND kick ass AND uber-woman--and if she can't do that she's expendable. I think this came across through the main Con guy: he resents her calling the shots, then when she proves herself he wants to out with her--and then when she "breaks" he is contemptuous and abusive. I can't wait to see more of the male Dolls to compare.