Friday, March 20, 2009

Live-Blogging The "Battlestar" Finale

8:00 pm CST: Previously on--lots of threads without resolution. So many questions to answer in less than two hours.

We begin back in Caprica city before the fall. Tigh--and Adama are in a strip club. Adama turns down a lap dance while still agonizing over the Gallactica gig. Ellen is there too. They drink toward retirement.

Lee and Kara have an after dinner drunken conversation. Zack comes in, reveals that at Lee's heart is a cynic. Kira admits, the booze talking, that she is starting to like this other Adama.

Laura returns from a date--with a former student, as she realizes (but she won't kick him out).

Kara and Lee put an unconscious (can't hold his liquor Zach) to bed and flirt.

A drunk-in-a gutter Adama is mesmerized by the stars.

In the present, Six instructs Baltar to trust in god.

A message from their sponsors.

8:13 pm CST: Cottle tells Laura he has only enough drugs to keep her going for another 48 hours. This is, I suspect, the show's goodbye to Doc as a character (like all of BSG's minor, memorable and unique)--delivered by The Pres.

Helo talks about mision to come.

The chief, Kira, Ellen, etc. talk about how to circumvent the Cylon defenses using Anders to tap in.

Adama turns over command to "Admiral Huskey." Talk of a rendezvous point in (was it 12 hours).

Lee turns over the Presidency to Romo Lampkin.

As the last of the non-volunteers leaves Galactica, Baltar stays behind.

At The Colony hundreds of Centurions ready themselves.

8:26 PM CST: Galactica prepares for departure.

Adama tells the ship that this will be Galactica's last battle. Assures that she won't let them down if the don't let her down. They jump.

The most amazing space battle I have ever seen--on big or small screen. Apparently the Anders effect works. Raptors launched and attack. What just happened? Did the Galactica just ram the Colony? Boarding parties invade--with the help of the Rebel Cylons' Centurions. Lee a the lead. Incredibly CGI. This puts all the Star Wars fights to shame.

Kara and others trade fire with enemy Centurions.

Boomer takes back Hera (snapping the neck of a Four).

An ad for Caprica. Looks great.

Only 2/3rds of the way through the first hour. What is to come?

8:41 pm CST: Centurions battle Centurions.

Cavil, still a huge dick, meets with the others, plan defense.

Three and Baltar meet Head Three and Head Baltar? What the . . .

Hand-to-hand fighting, human and Centurions. Boomer emerges with Hera.

As Boomer is gunned down (by Athena) we get a flashback with Adama and Tigh upbraiding Boomer as a rookie pilot promising to pay back Adama's faith one day.

Laura helps tend to the wounded. More great battle scenes in space.

Lee, Kera, and co. try to retrace their steps with Hera in tow, announcing to the CIC, to Tigh and Adama, that they "have the prize." ETA 5 minutes.

8:53 pm CST: Baltar in combat!, taking out a Centurion.

Laura has a flashback to Opera House--sees what?

Helo is down, mortally wounded? Hera, who had been in his arms, flees.

Laura's vision had been of a fleeing Hera. She manages to find her way to her and save her as we see that the Opera house flashbacks have all been of this moment, of now.

Baltar and Six make off with Hera, Cavil captures her. Baltar gives a sermon, as all the guns are trained on Cavil. Baltar: "God is not on any one's side."

Tigh: "We will give you resurrection, but the war ends here forever."

Adama doesn't trust Cavil, but he gets on uhe phone and orders withdrawal.

Cavil: I give you my word.

Commercial: 9:05 pm CST

9:08 pm CST: The Final Five prepare to pass on the resurrection secret (Adama admits it's pretty much mumbo jumbo), but the process, in which the FF place their hands in Anders' tub, reveals all the Five's past secrets to each other including Tori's murder of Cally. The Chief freaks, begins to strangle Tori (and kills her). All Hell breaks loose. Cavil announces "Frak!" and shoots himself in the head.

Adama instructs Starbuck to jump, and the code she needs is apparently her father's song (the one Hera wrote out for her): "All Along the Watchtower." "There must be some way out of here," she insists.

A flashback to Lee and Kera after that first dinner, talking about fear of death.

The Galactica appears to be coming apart at the seams. Tigh: "We broke her back. She'll never jump again." Racetrack nukes The Colony,

A blue planet is in sight after the jump.. 9:17 pm.

9:21 pm, CST: The survivors of the Galactica and the fleet are now on the blue planet, inhabited by aboriginal humans, pre-language. Lee argues for starting "anew." We see Cottle again BTW.

On the CIC of Galactica, plans for settlement proceed, and the battlestar and all the ships will be set to fly directly into the sun, piloted by Anders.

Kara says goodbye to Anders.

Less than 30 minutes left of BSG.

9:32 pm, CST: Adams flies his Raptor off Galactica for the last time. In a flashback we see him being given a lie detector test. He angrily quits and walks away.

He circles his ship for the last time. The fleet heads for the Sun.

Chief says goodbye to Sol and Ellen. He's on his way to a very cold place in the North. Flashback to Sol and Ellen the night before his retirement in the strip joint. Then back to the present. Ad break. 20 minutes left of BSG.

9:42 pm, CST: Laura and Adama watch wildlife. Adama: "Earth is a dream we've had for a long time. We've earned it." Laura can barely breathe. "Want to get a better look at them?" he asks, and carries her to the Raptor. Lee and Starbuck come and say goodbye? The raptor lifts off. Lee: "He's not coming back this time." Starbuck: "Neither am I. I've completed my journey." In a flashback, Lee and Kera are about to have sex when Zach awakes: "Something's broken." They part, shaking hands. Back in the present, Starbuck wants to know what Lee will do: "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." He wants to explore, but when he turns back, she is gone.

In a flashback Lee awakens with a pigeon in his room. It flies out the door.

Flashback: Laura and her student, who have had sex. She informs him that it won't happen again. Smokes. Calls the future President to accept the offer to become part of his campaign.

Adama and Laura fly over their beautiful planet, "all the twelve colonies put together." He realizes she is dead and places a ring on her finger. They land at a point where he planned to build them a home.

An ad???? Only a minute or two left? Was that the end?

9:59 pm, CST: We're back. A trek across the fields of the remainder of the human race (and some Cylons). Bringing up the rear, Helo (alive, with a cane), Athena, and Hera. Baltar and Six (and the ones in their heads) meet, and the head jobs disappear, leaving Baltar and Six hand-in-hand. In a flashback on Caprica, Baltar tells Six what he can do for her to help get into the mainframe. "The things we do for love." In the present, Six and Baltar make plans. Baltar: "I know about farming." They kiss.

Adams has buried Laura and looks into the distance.

Hera walks about. She's the "mitochondrial Eve" we are told.

150,000 years later. Baltar and Six read about a new discovery our ancestry. (Ron Moore is in the frame.). They talk about God's plans: "All this has happened before and all this will happen again." We see robots in a store window--a whole robot montage in fact--and Times Square, and "All Along the Watchtower" plays again.

It's over 10:07 pm, CST. WTF? I am going to need to see this again.

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Suzie said...

I left this comment at Maureen Ryan's blog, too.

I'm so disappointed that I doubt I'll watch Caprica, although I can't resist "The Plan." The show, the ads on Sci-Fi and the creative team gave us the impression that we were going to find out answers. We sorted through clues. Then we find out that God/Gods/the unnamed divine works in mysterious ways.

If divinity can pull neat tricks like creating a child (Kara) who will grow up to lead everyone to a new Earth, resurrecting her and her viper, and then making her disappear, couldn't he/she/it have reduced a bit of the hideous suffering that has gone on for 4 seasons?

When I watched "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," for example, I knew it was about the supernatural and people might die and be reborn, etc. But when Joss Whedon did "Firefly," it had a realistic tone -- despite being a Western sci-fi -- and I expected there to be answers as to what happened with the reavers, etc.

With Cylons and humans settling on Earth 2, wouldn't there be other half-human, half-Cylon children, other than Hera?

I also find it hard to believe that people would abandon all their technology. After surviving New Caprica, surely they would have understood how difficult it is without antibiotics, metal tools, etc. If anyone packed anything like that, I guess the divine whisked it away so that it would not be found by archeologists in the future.

How is this group of people going to get along? They have betrayed each other multiple times and killing is commonplace.

Why did Baltar need to pick up a gun to prove his selflessness? Wouldn't he be more useful in the makeshift hospital?