Friday, April 03, 2009

Quote of the Day (4/4/09) (Poetry Week)

Just, then, as the most dangerous criminals are lucid maniacs, so the most perfect poets are madmen using unfailing reason. But poets are not really mad. Consequently, they are aware in themselves of a torturing division, a rending of their own human substance, which they are condemned to bring to unity enigmatic, unstable, never satisfying unity not in themselves, but in their work. Hence their unnatural torment. They are obliged to be at the same time at two different levels of the soul, out of their senses and rational, passively moved by inspiration and actively conscious, intent on an unknown more powerful than they are which a sagacious operative knowledge must serve and manifest in fear and trembling. No wonder that they live in inner solitude and insecurity.
--Jacques Maritain, Creative Intuition in Art and Poetry

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