Monday, April 20, 2009

Walk like an Egyptian

Ok. I completely missed what was on the blackboard in "Some Like It Hoth" (preoccupied as I was with the realization that it was Jack cleaning the boards). [Thanks to Ack on TVGasm for the screen capture and a hat tip for noticing the Egypt stuff.]

So we have the statue, which could well be Egyptian in origin. We have the likeness of Anubis supplicating to Smokezilla in the judgment room beneath The Temple. We have the very-Egyptian-looking Richard Alpert. And we have The Hostiles/Others--from young Widmore to Juliet--speaking the language of that other B.C. Mediterranean civilization, Rome: Latin.

Still not sure what this all means, but the signs seem to point to Egyptian/Roman visitors to The Island in the distant past. Can't wait for that flashback.

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