Wednesday, May 06, 2009

"Follow the Leader"

A not terribly satisfying episode, nor did I expect it to be (serving as pipe layer for the season finale next week).

Still, full of surprises:

--Eloise Hawking's ready willingness to help Jack complete Faraday's plan to set off the H-Bomb
--Richard Alpert's hand in almost everything, past and present
--Alpert's hobby: constructing ships in bottles [screen cap from DocArzt and Friends]: is this a hint that, as I have long suggested, the ageless one originally came to The Island on The Black Rock?
--Alpert's insistence to Sun that he had seen Sawyer, Hurley, Jin, et al die
--The sudden reappearance of Sayid (and another notch on his gun)
--The burial site of the bomb--beneath New Otherton
--Locke's final disclosure to Ben of his real motive in taking all the Others to Jacob: to kill Jacob.


Beth said...

Bomb buried beneath New Otherton? I thought it was beneath Dharmaville? But maybe I'm not up on the lingo.

David Lavery said...

New Otherton/DHARMAville--one and the same.