Friday, May 29, 2009

Quote of the Day (5/30/09) (James Hillman Week)

The Greeks didn't have to believe in their Gods. They didn't say, "I believe in. . . ." That came in with Christianity. They didn't have a theology they had myths. And we need to read our psychic life not theologically but mythically. They didn't even have a word for religion. When something appears a voice, an image, a dream you respond to it. . . . A Christian has to ask, Is this from God or the Devil? Is it real or did I make it up? . . . This disturbs the natural relationship with phenomena. The very act of believing, the declaration of "I believe," is a subjectivism. It cuts one off from what's there. It cuts one off from imagination, from one's animal faith.
--James Hillman, Inter Views

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