Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Crypto-Muslim Health Care

When I am out and about, as I was this morning, I sometimes listen, thanks to my masochistic tendencies, to Gordon Liddy on the 'Boro's spot for crazy talk WGNS, owned and operated by the seemingly benign father of a long time friend of my oldest daughter.

This morning the subject was health care, and a fairly articulate caller wanted to make clear that Obama's push for reform of the system now islinked to our President's "crypto-muslim, Manchurian candidate" nature. Obama's secret plan to not only slaughter babies in the womb but require suicide for the worthless elderly (the caller insisted that the legislation actually stipulates this)is all intended to winnow out Christians in order to make America safe for Islamic conquest.

I live in the same nation with these folk. OMG.

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