Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quote of the Day (10/15/09) (Autobiography Week)

"Pictures from the past"—memories—usually occur in one's thoughts unbidden. I am going about my business when something happens and I 'get' a memory. Whenever a certain tune plays on the radio, it triggers a memory of the high-school prom. Or I may not notice that I am noticing a button on someone's coat because what I do notice I am noticing is that I am remembering my grandmother's pressing me, as a child, to her bosom, pinching my skin with her button. This always happens when I didn't notice that I am noticing that kind of button. . . . Something happens now and a memory is triggered. What happens now is unpredictable, while the memory is hinged to the mysterious, fleeting present more than to the past. The picture does not develop to a new stage, it does not elaborate itself, does not clarify through successive reappearances, ends abruptly as time goes on, leads nowhere. The truth is not in these pictures, but behind them. The picture—part of a survival mechanism—are there to prevent self-discovery.
--Barrett John Mandel, "Full of Life Now"

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