Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lynnette Porter from Hawaii on "Lost"

My Lost co-conspirator Lynnette Porter reports from Hawaii:

After a hellish travel day all day Thursday, I finally made it to the North Shore. So what did I do first thing yesterday? Headed to Papa'iloa Beach. The camp has really changed, and I spent a lot of time talking with the guards there. They said--and they could've been having me on--that they've just been hired for two more months, through May, so that the LOST movie could be filmed. According to them, the series will end in a cliffhanger in May, and a film will come out next year to end the story. If that's true, that's going to piss off so many people and go against what Darlton had originally said. The bad news for me is that filming isn't going to start again until after the premiere party--that huge fan gathering at the end of the month--when the cast all comes back for that. I wish I could stay another couple of weeks.

In any case, the camp has been "reset," like the series, I suspect. The huts are all in a line and use much more of the fuselage in their design. The recognizable old huts, like Jack's and the "kitchen," are gone, the parachute is gone, and so on. Instead, lots of luggage, as well as airliner seats, are set up around campfires and within huts. It looks like an immediately post-crash camp. Mr. Eko's church is still there, but there's a new (well, it's not now fresh, but new since fall obviously) empty grave and a new mound in the cemetery.

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