Monday, May 17, 2010

Pop Culture Differences in Alternative Realities

Fringe began distinguishing the alternative reality that menaces our world in the final episode of Season One when we were shown a New York skyline with the World Trade Center still standing and a Washington in which the White House has been destroyed in a terrorist attack. Then, in the superlative "Peter" episode a few weeks back, we saw a billboard for an alterna-Back to the Future starring Eric Stoltz (instead of Michael J. Fox).

In last week's "Over There" we once again saw that the differences between realities may be pop cultural as well as historical or metaphysical. In addition to Richard Nixon being on a 50¢ coin and Martin Luther King on a $20, a certain doll is still popular "over there."

And The West Wing is still running (it left the air over here in 2006).

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