Friday, May 14, 2010

"Swan Song" Reconsidered

I just watched it again and liked it much more. I am now giving it a B+/A-.

I initially loved the finale of Season One of Heroes, but by the time I came to "debate" it in Saving the World with Nikki Stafford (who had famously despised it I had come to find it indefensible. (With perfect hindsight we can now see "How to Stop" as the first indication of Heroes unprecedented deterioration into a truly unwatchable series.)

Now we have the reverse. I immediately blogged (here and here) my terrible disappointment. Now I think I was unfair, and I will try to explain why in a future post.

So if Chuck is god (is this some indication of Kripke's ego?), he is a being who spends some of his royalties on Mistress Madga, and you gotta like that. In an earlier episode Dean described god as a "dead beat dad." In "Swan Song" the older Winchester boy ponders Chuck's "virgin/hooker thing." Leave it to Supernatural to give us such a marvellously fallible supreme being.

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