Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Which Should I Teach?

In Spring 2011 I will be teaching ENGL 6650/7650, Special Topics in Popular Culture.

Here are the three finalists (the link will take you to a rough syllabus).

Mad Men

Cult Television

Joss Whedon

Vote by commenting on this blog entry. Which should I teach?


Snarky Writer said...

I'll take it no matter which one you teach, but I vote for Cult TV. :)

Solomon Mao said...

I vote for Cult TV. Broader subject, more appeal, and very cool.

Jennifer said...

It's a tough choice . . . but I gotta go with the Cult Television. That's just an awesome collection of TV on that syllabus.

Mark said...

For me the big question revolves around how much of the TV content you're expecting the students to watch.

Focussing purely on a single series (Mad Men) would seem to require the viewing of a significant percentage of the show - it may be that students would have to fit in more viewing than in the Cult TV model, with a different series each week, where they might only be expected to watch one or two episodes from any given show, and have a much higher chance of already having seen most of at least one of the shows.

I would love to do the Whedon course - I think there is a really nice variety of content there - but I think that the Cult TV may be the better course.

Nick said...

I think the cult TV class would be great since it's diverse, but the Mad Men class would be the most enticing for me. I like being able to submerge myself into a series completely. And it is the most recent. My vote is for Mad Men.

jaredaustin86 said...

I think I'd like the Mad Men class the most because of the literary emphasis. I guess I'm too old school.


Thrilla. said...

Obviously, Cult Television. As a former and potentially future student, I know that you know your stuff. Cult TV gives students a chance to get a broader perspective of the phenomenon as a whole. That being said, as someone who recently watched the entire Mad Men series for the first time, I'd be VERY interested in taking that course, especially if it was taught by you.

l.a. black said...

Here is my ranking--1. Mad Men 2. Cult TV, and 3. Joss Whedon.

By the way, I'm on fee waiver status and sometimes have trouble getting into the course that I want. How can a I beg, bribe, or flatter my way into this course, whichever one you choose to teach.

Nikki Stafford said...

Those are all so fantastic, David!!! I think I'd go for the Cult TV one, because it has such a great range of topics and you could really get into a lot of comparison between shows. I would take that course. And the Mad Men course. And the Whedon course.

Can I come down and take a course? ;)

SenexMacdonald said...

I am going to go for Cult TV. Otherwise, it would be Joss all the way! :)

Chris Richardson said...

I really like how you are leaving this up to your audience to help decide.

Out of the three, I'd say Cult TV. Just sounds too damn fascinating.

But if I can throw my personal opinion into the mix, I'd say LOST.

I think I'd stay an extra semester just for that one.