Monday, October 04, 2010

Quote of the Day (10/4/10) (Frederick Turner Week)

That nature from which we are supposed to be alienated never existed. The great quantum experiments the parallel-slits light experiment, the polarizing-filter light experiment show that nature has not made up its mind about what it really is, and is quite happy to have us help it do so. The tradition of philosophy that saw us as cut off from our "true" way of being has collapsed, although it hasn't realized it yet. We are nature, and we are as at home here in the world as anything has ever been. For the whole world is made up of such as we; its physical components are, just as we are, tourists, outsiders, amateurs, getting by on a smile and a shoeshine, and deriving what being they have from the recognition of their fellows. All nature is second nature.
--Frederick Turner, "Escape from Modernism"

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