Monday, November 05, 2012

"Fox and Friends": The Corrections

The SNL version of the three doofuses (doofi?) offered the following corrections. [Collected by EW.]

Proof that the SNL version is utterly fictional: FOX doesn't have fact checkers!

  • Transitions lenses do not reverse the gender of your eyes.
  • Sandy Duncan did not “sponsor” the hurricane.
  • There are many black people, not just one who is a master of disguise.
  • Brian Kilmeade did not invent the term “smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.”
  • Not all pigs are born with human feet.
  • Angela Merkel is not the female version of Steve Urkel.
  • It is permissible to say the word “Mexican” on television.
  • There is no celebrity named Rape Romano.
  • Condoms work every day of the week. Not just Tuesdays.
  • Trees do not have bones. 
  • There are a finite number of people in China.
  • Burritos are not “male tacos.”
  • The Constitution is a living document, but it cannot walk around.
  • Chef Boyardee is not the Prime Minister of Italy. He is the Vice President.
  • Paul Ryan is not faster than a cheetah.
  • FEMA is not slang for female.
  • Many Hispanics own their own cars.
  • The Statue of Liberty was not a gift from Santa.
  • At no point has Dorf been the number one golfer in the world.
  • Lance Armstrong did not trade a testicle for steroids.
  • Michael J. Fox does not have “multiple sandwiches.”
  • Apple Maps is not a map showing where the apples are.
  • 8 is a multiple of 4.
  • Women’s vaginas are below their waists.
  • “Kris Krostie” is not Chris Christie with his pants on backwards.
  • Afi Komen was never the U.N. Secretary General.
  • Haitian does not mean “half-Asian.”
  • Last Wednesday was Halloween. Not a “ghost invasion.”
  • Mr. Met has never announced a preference for any religion over the other.
  • Chef Boyardee is not the Vice President of Italy.

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