Sunday, November 18, 2012

Owen Barfield Quote of the Day (11/18/12)

The soul of Jesus of Bethlehem was indeed the fruit of many previous lives, and there is allusion to this in the genealogy which precedes the account of his birth, and which is traced back only to Abraham-that is, approximately to the stage of emergence . . . when individuality had for the first time been recognizably attained by the human spirit. . . . The physical pedigree of Jesus of Nazareth is drawn from David through another son, the priest Nathan. But the provenance of the soul that was born in this Jesus is a deeper mystery. It had known no previous lives on earth. It was indeed an Eden-soul, unfallen, and given intact from the Father Spirit to be the persisting link between the old state of the human spirit and the new. . . . Think only of those two souls-through what millennia prepared for that moment!-uniting to form, as it were, a chalice in which the Timeless, in which the Timeless that both dies and dies not, could indeed enter into time-as it did when the man Jesus was baptized by John in the River Jordan, and the uncreated light, the untransformed transforming, entered his consciousness and became also the Christ of history. —Owen Barfield (Unancestral Voice 113)

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