Friday, November 02, 2012

Owen Barfield Quote of the Day (11/2/12)

The camera obscura [as developed by Athanasius Kircher] is an emblem of that species of Copernican Revolution in the human psyche which was quite as much the cause as it was the consequence of the Copernican Revolution in science. I mean the revolution, formulated rather than initiated by Immanuel Kant, whereby the human mind more or less reversed its conception of its own relation to its environment. It is more like an emblem, because the camera obscura (considered as the original source of the whole camera sequence) was also instrumental in actually bringing about the change. . . . We may better call it a symbol, since the camera sequence as a whole was part of the change which it betokens or symbolizes. —Owen Barfield (Rediscovery of Meaning 69)

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