Friday, November 09, 2012

Owen Barfield Quote of the Day (11/9/12)

[The Meggid]: "Hitherto the brain has been impelled by its experience of irregularity to find a more embracing regularity that will account for it—until it has reach a point beyond which it cannot go. Or if it has not yet reached that point, it will do so before long. That ultimate irregularity it classifies, or it will classify, as 'chance'; and that is what you must understand, when you hear men speak of chance as of something that operates in nature alongside the laws they have inferred. You know of the part that was assigned to chance in the science of biology. Some of that irregularity has since been resolved into regularities hitherto unobserved, and, in doing so, the observers have approached nearer to the ultimate irregularity, to the place where change and transformation originate. You have recently learned how the science of physics has been forced even nearer to that point."

"Yes," said Burgeon; "and it is the point at which some say the search must be abandoned. It would almost seem, from what you say, that they are right; since there is nothing else that they can do."

[The Meggid] "If it is the love of truth that impels them, and not some other motive, they will do what their predecessors did before them. They will seek in a deeper conformity to law the explanation of what confronts them as 'chance.'"—Owen Barfield (Unancestral Voice 152)

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