Friday, November 23, 2012

"Parenthood's" Mix-Tape

Todd VanDerWerff (Onion TV Club) astutely nails the genius of Parenthood:

Week after week, I find myself impressed by how perfectly modulated Parenthood is. It tosses a whole bunch of shit together, and it mixes tones like crazy, and it usually has four separate storylines that rarely dovetail, but it always, always works. If you’ve watched, well, most of the other ambitious shows on TV—the successes and the failures—you know how difficult that can be, but Parenthood makes it look easy. It just shrugs its shoulder and smashes Kristina weeping on the floor of her bathroom, covered in vomit, right up against Jasmine and Crosby arguing about napkins. This show is masterful at creating an emotional mixtape, at making sure that things never get too intense, or too light. There’s always ballast, but there’s also always helium, and that allows the series to hit just the right heights, gradually building as it goes along. That’s never been more evident to me than it has been in this fourth season.
The same might be said of Jason Katims' previous series Friday Night Lights.

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